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A Checklist for Hiring a Landscaper

With over 3,000 landscapers in British Columbia, how do you know you are hiring the right company? Read the article below from Jeff Foley, CLHM, CLHT , President and CEO of Para Space Landscaping Inc. who outlines the questions you need to ask to ensure you are hiring a professional and getting good value for your money. Then use the checklist provided as a guide to help you decide who to hire for your landscape project

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Checklist for Hiring a Landscape Professional

Checklist for Rating & Selecting your Landscape Contractor

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Are you ready to Plant Something? Need some help? Whether you are ready to seek advice from a horticulturist at your local garden centre or work with a landscape gardener, consider the following information before you get started.

Ensure Your Landscape Gardener or Professional Uses the Canadian Landscape Standards
The Canadian Landscape & Nursery Association in conjunction with the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, have released the ‘Canadian Landscape Standard’ (CLS). The CLS is a single, authoritative resource for landscape construction projects across Canada. For the first time, there is a national guideline to set the standard of landscape work in every province across the country. Be sure your landscape gardener or professional follows the guidelines of this publication.

Look for Landscape Industry Certification
Competent, certified individuals in the landscape industry are identified by a number of industry certification designations that fall under the Landscape Industry Certified umbrella. A company that has certified employees on staff, means they have made significant commitment to education, safety, craftsmanship and customer service. All individuals must first prove their knowledge and skills through a serious of written and hands on tests. Once certified, the individual must continue to upgrade their skills through a mandatory continuing education program.

Certified Landscape Horticulturist  Technician (CLHT)
Technicians employed in any of the following sectors in the landscape industry including: hardscape and softscape installation, turf and ornamental maintenance, as well as interior landscaping.

Certified Landscape Designer (CLD)
Designers who design residential landscapes and who are recognized for their technical knowledge and design ability.

Certified Landscape Horticulturist Manager (CLHM)
Owners and managers who own or operate a business or division and who are committed to developing a clear plan and structure to improve business operations.

Certified Horticulturist Technician Retail (CHT)
Technicians employed at retail garden centres.


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